Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello Mr. Thompson Everybody

That is the Question of todays Blog and it comes from Mr. Walsch's book one page 132 and I'll quote it here just for those who havent bought it as the best present they could have given anyone over the festive season.

''if you look to what is best for you in these situations where you are being abused, at the very least what will you do to stop the abuse, and that will be good for both you and your abuser. for even an abuser is abused when his abuse is allowed to continue.
This is not healing the abuser, but damaging. For if the abuser finds that his abuse is acceptable, what has he learned? Yet if the abuser finds that his abuse will be accepted no more, what has he been allowed to discover?
Therefore, treating others with love does not necessarily mean allowing others to do as they wish.''

What of the abuse by neglect by the Welsh Assembly Mr. Thompson towards either my housing situation, my drug addiction, or the other issues of fraud by councils allowed for by government to the detriment of the citizens of this country with regards the rent paying tenant?

What of the abuse by Cardiff County Council and their continued victimization of my good self?

What of thye abuse by the Water Companies where they extort excess profits out of houses of multiple occupancy?

What of the abuse by neighbours, who have encouraged kids to throw stones at my windows, and make their asinine comments apparently with the backing of the Council, and the Police.

What about the abuse by the Police for allowing those who stole my intellectual property and as far as I am aware done nothing to find the theives even thought they are well aware where the stolen idea was being sold.

I have done what I can to end the abuse, for the last seven years I have been doing what I can to end the abuse but do you see the Local Government Ombudsman attempting to stop it, Oh no Mr. Thompson they have been attempting to pervert the course of justice by saying they havent enough information. But has my Assembly member bothered has my MP bothered no Mr. Thompson they are much like the BBC in that your organisation has sought to protect these serial abusers from doing the right thing in ending the Abuse.

For that is what it all ammounts to Mr. Thompson, but they must feel justified somehow and your organisation must feel justified in allowing these abuses to continue perhaps government pay you all to keep silent, that would nolonger suprise me.

I wonder Mr. Thompson if 2007 will see Cardiff County Council deemed an unfit social landlord. I wonder if it will see Rhodri Morgans Government cited in the wilful neglect of Crazydave, for allowing these abuses to continue and do nothing to prevent them, and I have shown over and over and over again that there are the monies available to re-house me in a home where I will not have to hear a herd of animals trotting over my ceiling, as occurred on New Years Eve.

The fotos attached are those that Ms. Wood saw on that visit she made that I requested not to occur due to her part in the on going victimization that has been recorded in these blogs. Yet I have been accused of dumping rubbish in that abusers garden????????The crap in there is from him and his work buddy next door and the Police have copies of the neighbour nuisance booklets that highlight that, but oh have done nothing.

Maybe you organisation will suprise me Mr. Thompson but that is long overdue, and maybe this year some real serious questions will be asked about the welsh assembly governments role in allowing these abuses to continue. As I am still waiting for that Corporate Complaint Number, do I hear question asked of Mr. Berman the Chairman of Cardiff County Council over the machinations of his non-elected council officials. Do I hear questions asked about account practices that have seen the rent revenue account defrauded of £30 million annually for to long???????

Do I see the DWP investigating that fraud via the housing benefit scheme as the council has had to raise rent levels in order to cover that fraud.

Thats me for today Mr. thompson, and oh will those on fixed incomes see the end of the BBC Licence Fee in 2007 lets all hope so, or just maybe the people of the UK will finally see the light and start on mass to cancel their subscriptions, because a public service broadcaster your organisation certainly isn't Mr. Thompson.

Love n Light Crazydave.
part of the welsh assembly the crazydave files found on http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/

Update friday the 5.1.07 I received this in my email Mr. Thompson

Dear BBC Community member,

Thank you for contributing to a BBC community site. Unfortunately we've had to remove yourPosting below because it contravenes the House Rules. This decision has been made for legal reasons.

Legal reasons could include: *Potentially libellous comments*Contempt of court (writing something which may influence the jury in a currentor forthcoming trial)*Breach of an injunction*Inciting an illegal act

Please remove any such material from your message, then resubmit it. If you would like to re-write your contribution to remove the problem, thenwe'd be very happy for you to post it again. If you have read the House Rules carefully and are still unsure why your messagewas removed, please reply to this email.

Best wishes,

The BBC Moderation Team URL of content (now removed):http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/actionnetwork/F1650856?Thread=3776235&post=44320788



I hope that this manages to get through thecensor at the BBC apparently I have to have my notices reviewed before they areallowed to be viewed by you all.

Over the last few months I have been adding to my blog 'welsh assembly the crazydave files' found athttp://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/ copy paste it to your browser and it will comeup.

Today I have added to it with the title 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO END THE ABUSE' found at http://2007crazydavesyear.blogspot.com/

I trust this will help to end it.

Love n Light peopleCrazydave.

This e-mail, and any attachment, is confidential. If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system, do not use or disclosethe information in any way, and notify us immediately. The contents ofthis message may contain personal views which are not the views of theBBC, unless specifically stated.

Is that the action of a Public Service Body or are your employees party to the abuse Mr. Thompson??????????????????????????


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